Photo by Ikuko Tsuchiya

Hi there, and welcome to my portfolio site!
During my years as a professional pen & pencil wielder, which took off in 1999, I have done most things an illustrator with a passion for comics and cartoons does.
My sequential illustration work has mainly been made for the Icelandic market, though I have lived in Holland and the UK for most of my career. The first 7 years I focused almost solely on comic making and illustration work for newspapers and magazines. However, since 2007, I have also worked for educational publishers and followed my passion for teaching by offering workshops in comic and cartoon making to libraries and all levels of education. 
Feeling that I had reached a stagnation point, I took a break from freelance work in 2014 and embarked on a MA Future Design study at Teesside University, and then straight after took on a lecturer role in Concept Art at the School of Computing within the same university in the academic year 2016-2017. 
These years of MA study and lecturer role resulted in me being offered the role of a Chief Creative Officer at NARC ltd in Malta, where I put my world-building passion to good use towards the development of a MMO computer game with a great team of fellow creatives for good 6 years.

As I write this in June 2024, I'm reordering my priorities and heading back home to the UK to focus on family life and walks in green nature as well as focus on personal projects and my passion for teaching.
Enjoy having a browse through my work!
Ingi Jensson - June, 2024
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