Sjonny's World is the comic that kickstarted my comic-making career, when in March 1999 it became a fixed feature in the erotic magazine Bleikt & Blátt. Sjonny would eventually run for 5 full years as a full-page comic and once a year longer stories would appear about Sjonny's alter ego, Super Sjonny.
During the summer of 2004, as I worked as the in-house illustrator and cartoonist for the newspaper DV, I snuck Sjonny in as a daily comic strip for three months before being found out...  Soon after Sjonny was kicked out, he found a home in the car magazine Bílar & Sport where he explored life as a mechanic and troublemaker for a good year.
Then in 2007, after having disappeared from view for some time, due to his creator's burn-out, Sjonny return online for few months; before taking the backseat and only coming out for the occasional Facebook appearance.
What the future holds in store for Sjonny is not known at this moment, but it would be nice to meet the guy again some day soon and find out what he's been up to all these years...
Below are three Sjonny strips that were published online in the summer of 2007
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